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Profs. Anne Rubin & Marc Olano Innovate on Gaming to Learn

President Hrabowski Lauds Civil War Project in CNBC Article

April 1, 2015 3:27 PM

In a recent CNBC commentary, UMBC President Hrabowski charges, “American education, from pre-K to college, must find ways to inspire similar dedication and to bring content to life. Digital environments are second nature to today's young people. Playing well-designed games, as well as creating them, can pack an educational punch.” 

Among the examples given are the innovative game design/history courses developed jointly by CDHE director and Associate Professor of History, Anne Rubin, and Computer Science professor, Marc Olano. With funding from a UMBC Hrabowski Innovation grant, the two have created courses on crafting games to teach about the Civil War in Baltimore. The courses challenge graduate history students and visual arts students to consider both content and strategy in experimenting with a variety of game designs. 

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